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Aluminum tube with cooling effect

  • Aluminium alloy discharge pipe
Aluminium alloy discharge pipe

Aluminium alloy discharge pipe

  • Temperature range: - 40 ° ~ 20 °
  • Refrigerant: fluorine/ammonia/carbon dioxide.
  • Refrigerating range: 4~180kw.
  • Supply solution: straight expansion/drum pump.
  • Product description: Aluminum alloy discharge tube two fins.
The company professional committed to the cooling fan, quick-frozen aluminum plate, aluminum alloy tube and high efficient development and manufacture of the evaporative condenser, the main products are aluminium cooling fan evaporative condenser, aluminum tube and steel tube steel piece integral hot-dip zinc air cooler, stainless steel tube aluminum with cold fan cooling fan, ships, brass aluminium cooling fan, the brass copper cooling fan, titanium pipe puts, Φ 32 LvPai pipe, Φ 21 LvPai, 25 LvPai Φ pipe, aluminum alloy quick-frozen tablet, etc. The main features of the cooling fan are the single side wind of the ceiling, the double side wind of the ceiling, the vertical wind and the floor type.
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