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stainless steel coil

  • surface air cooler
surface air cooler

surface air cooler

  • Temperature range: - 40 ° ~ 20 °
  • Refrigerant: fluorine/ammonia/carbon dioxide.
  • Refrigerating range: 4~180kw.
  • Supply solution: straight expansion/drum pump.
  • Product description: surface air cooler, finned heat exchanger, frozen, quick-frozen, frozen and can be used in different industries such as food, medicine, material can be copper, aluminum, stainless steel, titanium, etc
The company professional committed to the cooling fan, quick-frozen aluminum plate, aluminum alloy tube and high efficient development and manufacture of the evaporative condenser, the main products are aluminium cooling fan evaporative condenser, aluminum tube and steel tube steel piece integral hot-dip zinc air cooler, stainless steel tube aluminum with cold fan cooling fan, ships, brass aluminium cooling fan, the brass copper cooling fan, titanium pipe puts, Φ 32 LvPai pipe, Φ 21 LvPai, 25 LvPai Φ pipe, aluminum alloy quick-frozen tablet, etc. Cooling fan shape mainly condole type unilateral wind, condole type double side wind, top blowing wind on floor and floor 3th this several forms, including ceiling type double side wind is widely used in processing workshop, has the advantages of low noise, high efficiency heat transfer; LvPai tube shape mainly have three wings, two wings with the two forms, between LvPai tube is mainly used in low temperature cold storage, compare with the traditional steel pipe technology system with cooling speed and roof load is light, clean, short installation period, low energy consumption advantages have been recognized by the customers. Aluminum alloy plate export products has been widely used for quick-frozen, continuous contact surface provides a good heat transfer conditions, improve the quality of the frozen products at the same time reduce the frozen time, welcomed by the majority of aquatic food companies. Evaporative condenser as a new type of high-efficiency condenser adopts imported zinc plating aluminum shell, advanced water distribution system and efficient packing heat exchange layer, really achieve the high efficiency and energy saving effect.
The company has established a strict quality management system and has passed IS09001:2008 quality management system certification. Are through strict quality control and monitoring of raw materials, production process strictly control the quality of welding and forming the finished product should be tested before they go out, such as cooling fan, exhaust pipe, it takes 24 hours before they go out of the 2.5 MP pressure test, without any leakage below can qualified factory.
After years of arduous pioneering, has been rated as "quality trustworthy enterprise in jiangsu province", "jiangsu province outstanding private enterprises" "China quality service prestige AAA and demonstration unit" title, vic deli company made a research and development production and technical team. We will be powered by scientific and technological innovation, constantly improve the enterprise quality management system, western vic dresdner brand, strengthen enterprise core competition force and improve the international marketing system, realize the internationalization of capital, technology, market.
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