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About us

Jiangsu Victory Hot-Cooling Technology is a professional plant with over 20 years to manufacture all kinds of air cooling refrigeration equipment, heat exchange coils, evaporator coils, condenser equipment for commercial and industrial refrigeration.

Locating in the golden triangle development zone of Caoqiao, it has excellent geography position. The Wuxi-Yixing expressway bestrides the Changzhou-Caoqiao highway, which forms the cross-way; it will take 5 minutes to come to our company by bus from Changzhou-Caoqiao highway to Caoqiao golden triangle; it will take 3 minutes to our company when getting Caoqiao by bus through Wuxi-Yixing expressway.

Our main products include Air Cooler,Blast Evaporator,IQF Tunnel Coil, Baudelot Cooler, Air Cooled Condenser and Dry Cooler etc industrial refrigeration equipment.

Quality is our culture. We have introduced high technology fin punching, automatic welding and laser cutting machine. At the moment, our products have been exported to USA, Canada, Japan, Australia, Malaysia, Argentina, South Africa worldwide.




Contact: Mr Wang

Phone: 18019695508

Tel: 0519-86218689


Add: Industrial Park of Caoqiao , Changzhou , Jiangsu

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